It’s finally happened. The last episode of SGU season 2 and also the last episode of the series has been shown.

It was such a dissappointment that they ended it and what’s worse, the way they ended it.Essentially we’re left wondering what will happen next, knowing all the while that we will never know.

Couldn’t they have made one more episode? Just one, or something at least to provide us with at least some closure. Hell a movie would’ve worked fine.

Now I’m the first to admit I really didn’t like SGU at first. It took most of season 1 for me to get used to it (and for them to stop focusing on the people/their relationships).

Season 2 was absolutely awesome. We got a new enemy, we got away from the mundane ins and outs of life alone on the ship, and we got a good dose of stargateishness. So why oh why did they decide that it was best to end it when it was getting good? It’s just so frustrating when they make these decisions with absolutely no input from the fans.

Anyways, I’m hopeful that they will see reason (and the improved viewership on the last episode) and start it up again (Hey it happened with Family Guy).

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