EDIT: Ok here’s some extra info on how to install a BMP using AIDA64 or Everest:

In AIDA64/Everest, goto File, Preference, then scroll down to LCD. Tick “Enable Logitech keyboard LCD Support”.
Then go down to LCD Items, click “New BMP”, then locate the file, Click Apply.

Unfortunately the Logitech Gaming Software sucks (even the new version 8). For some weird reason, it doesn’t always keep AIDA64’s applet after a reboot (I set AIDA64 to load windows start-up), even after getting in/out of it; That said, I just now tried getting in and out of AIDA64 and the applet came back…. so I don’t know what’s going on.

I got me a Logitech G510 for $75, from Logitechshop.com.au yesterday, and have since been having fun with the customisation options.

Normally, I don’t think its possible to add pictures to the LCD screen, but luckily Everest does have that ability (in the LCD Settings).

So I went off to make a couple of bitmap (grayscale bitmap seems to work mostly) images with OEM logos (for showoffishness =P) :

and another depicting my reverence towards this wicked keyboard:

Possibly more on the way =P

Here’s the link to my Public SkyDrive

G510 Bitmaps Skydrive Folder