Logitechshop has done it to me again, at $55 I just HAD to have this mouse.As with my G510, it came 1 business day later, and was free postage.

My thoughts so far on this mouse (I just got it today) are that its very well made for games, but not so good for casual use.

For example there’s a forward and backward button on the left side right next to each other. Now thats something I can tolerate for the moment (I’m more used to having the buttons on either side of the mouse); However, when you hold the mouse in a ‘relaxed’ grip, like I do when I’m casually browsing. The furthest away button (forward) is beyond the reach of my thumb.

Luckily just below the back button there’s a zoom button, which can be reassigned. So now I have the zoom button reassigned to back and the back button reassigned to forward.

Other issues I’ve noticed so far: the scroll wheel, while really cool, can sometimes go the opposite way a little bit after a scroll; Easily fixed by changing the mouse to the traditional scrolling mode rather than hyper-scroll but still, an issue.

Another problem I’m having (intermittently) is the wireless lag. It seems to have calmed down since I installed the SetPoint software but still every now and then it wont move when its supposed to. Now that said I do have have multiple possible interference sources such as the Keyboard the desk and the case (the unifying adapter is plugged into the back) and probably my phone too. Anyway, if it gets too bad ill just put it into one of the front ports and that should bypass a significant amount of interference. Just another thought, my desk could definitely use a clean so that might also be an issue 🙂

UPDATE: I ended up plugging it in the front port; haven’t had an issue since.