A couple of months ago I did something really stupid and installed an OS onto the wrong hard drive (due to sata drives being automatically moved to /dev/sda, and maybe a little stupidity on my part). So after much time wasting and much frustration, I ended up getting another 2TB drive and dumping what files I recovered onto it.

Now that’s all well and good but it appears that I have a fair amount of corruption on the recovered files. As I encounter corrupted files I can note and re-encode them later from their original Blu-ray/DVD sources.

Anyways that isn’t my primary issue at the moment; After I duplicated the recovered files off the original NTFS drive I wiped it and reformatted as ext4 so as to ensure I didn’t encounter issues with the linux implementation of NTFS (nfts-3g) – which I have encountered before. So that went smoothly, I Rsync’d the files back from the media PC (where I installed the new drive) and shared it in SAMBA. All of which happened relatively smoothly, which is strange for me, and I was finished by the next day.


After a while I noticed that a transfer from the SAMBA share would never successfully complete and would seem to fail at random times (but usually the same place). I assume this has something to do with the corrupt files that occupy the drive but since I have no real fool proof way of figuring out which are corrupt and which aren’t (codecs are pretty damn good at guessing and the rebuilding pieces on the fly) , I’m stuck in a bit of a bind.

In the end I decided to reformat the EXT drive as XFS owing to its great track record in delivering media files and handling big HDD sizes. Luckily, IPFire has an addon for XFS support and even includes tools to make the XFS filesystem and make an XFS partition.

As I type, i’m running Rsync on the router, copying the files of the media-pc (it does take a while copying 1.6TB of data =D) over to the newly created XFS drive.

That all for now, hopefully this works and I can report on the performance figures of the XFS file system and if it solved my problems.