makin’ smoothie =P


I’m trying to get the HDD out of the old Astone media centre and into the Smoothwall router. 
Now this is generally an easy thing to do,  but as usual there’s a problem or two in the way.

First, there’s the problem that the drive is SATA, and there isn’t any sata ports on the smoothie box.
Secondly there’s the fact that smoothwall doesn’t support NTFS. YAY!

So anyway I figured at that point there wasn’t much of a chance of getting it working. That is until I discovered that the Smoothwall people also make a development version which includes all the utilities that are required for compiling for example NTFS-3G.

Anyways i’ve installed it on a VirtualBox VM and I’m currently compiling a new ISO of Smoothwall which contains NTFS-3G and also for teh lulz, CUPS

Blog 2.0


Righto, since my previous blog was unceremoniously destroyed for no reason whatsoever -by a poorly written bash script no less-, and I might have forgotten to back up the site =S; This will now be my permanent blog.

In the mean time, I shall be de-recommending as a good free host, as it is not. Who the hell doesn’t do an automated backup of accounts being pruned? Yes I know, its free…. but come on!

My annoyance aside, I re-signed up for another hosting account ( still) and it’s back online. That said it only redirects here. Maybe sometime ill make up a new site to go with it.

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