FINAL UPDATE: Ok, from what I can tell the issue is 99% Firefox's fault. I've been trying out Aurora (Firefox's beta) and it looks perfectly fine  

UPDATE 3:  I’ve been sitting on this issue for quite a while now, and I’ve decided that the best looking settings for my purposes (gaming/movies/internet) were to reset the Windows Color Management profile to sRGB and then set the monitor to sRGB (which disallows changes to most options) in the colour temp menu. Then I ran the Windows Display Calibration wizard, and it now looks quite normal.

Sometime I hope to get around to understanding the root of the problem, but it appears that it has to do with Windows 7 and its gamma setting. I should also note that it looks fine in Ubuntu.

This morning I took delivery of a brand new ASUS 24″ LCD monitor (VH242H) for $150 (can you believe it?).

So I got it from CentreCom, I’m not sure exactly why they were charging so little (though it was partially due to the $40 discount code on their Facebook ‘like’ page) but I couldn’t resist the temptation and I ended up getting one.

Amazingly there were no dead pixels, and it looks good.

It’s got full 1080p support, HDCP (High-bandwidth Digital Content Protection), HDMI/DVI/VGA Inputs and 2 tiny little speakers with SPDIF input.


Now I have 2 monitors.. I can “multitask” 😀


Here’s the link

Its at $159 at the moment, though I don’t think it’ll stay there.

Now of course there is an issue to report: there seems to be some aliasing (colours around black text) with both ClearText and Font Smoothing on. I’ve tried without, but it just gets worse.

It may be an issue if there’s nothing I can find, though I’m pretty sure there’s gonna be something on google that will help.

UPDATE: I took away the old monitor and its now normal.

UPDATE 2:  Disregard my last, I still appear to have the problem, ClearType or not.