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Greetings, my name is Derryn. That is all.

Ok, there’s a little more to me.

First thing I guess: I’m a self-confessed nerd. I love computers, I especially like making them, choosing the parts, putting it together. Its just… awesome!

Second thing: I dislike people who are ignorant of new technologies. People who say “But I liked it the way it was!”(in the context of new software)…these people drive me absolutely mad.

I will never understand why people fear new things, new layouts, new ways of doing the same things. Office 2007 … perfect example. Looks great, saves heaps of time, way easier to use. I have had so many people (usually the 40+ grumpy old men) complain about how it was “better the way it was before”. Simply, it wasn’t. It’s just that they got used to it happening in a certain way, that’s it. The new interface scares them … I’m buggered if I know why.

But I digress.

Let’s see; I like helping people with their IT issues. I can pretty much decipher any software package you throw at me, except maybe some of Adobe’s products, but that’s their own fault for making  poorly laid out menus and just generally badly written software.

What else? .. well I like photography.. sorta. I have a digital camera (Panasonic TZ10) that comes in handy. I just need to read up on some of the more in-depth features aka turning off the auto button, and also it would be nice if I remembered to bring my camera when I’m going out.

My family.. they’re always there when you need them, couldn’t do without them.

Well that’s about it ..


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