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Healy Computer Desk

Well I bought the desk I saw a week or so ago. Here’s what I thought of it:


Great price, stylish yet simple, Sturdy but flexible.

Colouring is quite nice; quite realistic, although it hasn’t quite been finished properly (bits of the veneering are rough around the edges).
Biggest issue I had was how to build the thing. Instructions weren’t very explicit and I would dearly like to know why they chose allen headed screws.

Other than that, it fits my gaming keyboard and mouse easily side by side, and the keyboard tray slides all the way in. I would rather the keyboard tray was deeper so that It would be a bit more stable and for extra paper space but that’s just me.

If you see this desk at the Officeworks store, I wouldn’t take that as a good indication of the actual quality of this desk. I went to 2 different stores and both were a very poor representation (broken caster wheels, scratched veneer etc.) The actual desk is fine (I can’t even see how you could break the caster wheels off)

Last thing I guess is annoying is the height. I would have liked it to be a little taller. I’ve got a high-back leather chair and it basically needs to be on the lowest hight to fit my legs comfortably.

Anyway, overall I am quite satisfied and definitely recommend this desk to anyone with space constraints and looking for a budget option!

Healy Computer Desk Chocolate at $74.00 in Computer Desks


Healy Computer Desk Chocolate at $74.00 in Computer Desks.

So funny story; I was looking for a new desk (as my current one makes me use the mouse behind the keyboard) so I got out ye ol’ measuring tape.

I have total length of 770mm available (800mm at a stretch)
My current desk is a modular 610mm.
My computer is 500mm high, 520mm deep.

I figured from that that my ideal space would be 750mm+ so that I can fit my mouse next to the keyboard rather than behind, so I set out to find the desk I need.

After searching my usual haunches (,, I found nothing but stupidity.
Plenty of them were ~800mm long but its ridiculous how they designed these things.
They decided to have the keyboard tray just the size of a keyboard, and a massive top shelf; the pictures they had implied that you should put the mouse on the shelf along with the monitor!
Now I’m sorry, but that’s just plain stupid.

Anyways, I happened across the Officeworks website, figuring they would be expensive and not what I want.
How surprised was I!
I found this one (see top) on the first page and discovered it matched EXACTLY what my needs are:

770mm long, which is exactly what I need, 540mm between keyboard tray and computer platform (my computer is 500mm tall)
And although $74 seems a little much… and I think the build quality probably sucks. Me thinks this is about the best I can do.

I guess I’ll head down there sometime and see if its what I want.

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