Healy Computer Desk Chocolate at $74.00 in Computer Desks.

So funny story; I was looking for a new desk (as my current one makes me use the mouse behind the keyboard) so I got out ye ol’ measuring tape.

I have total length of 770mm available (800mm at a stretch)
My current desk is a modular 610mm.
My computer is 500mm high, 520mm deep.

I figured from that that my ideal space would be 750mm+ so that I can fit my mouse next to the keyboard rather than behind, so I set out to find the desk I need.

After searching my usual haunches (oo.com.au, dealsdirect.com.au, topbuy.com.au) I found nothing but stupidity.
Plenty of them were ~800mm long but its ridiculous how they designed these things.
They decided to have the keyboard tray just the size of a keyboard, and a massive top shelf; the pictures they had implied that you should put the mouse on the shelf along with the monitor!
Now I’m sorry, but that’s just plain stupid.

Anyways, I happened across the Officeworks website, figuring they would be expensive and not what I want.
How surprised was I!
I found this one (see top) on the first page and discovered it matched EXACTLY what my needs are:

770mm long, which is exactly what I need, 540mm between keyboard tray and computer platform (my computer is 500mm tall)
And although $74 seems a little much… and I think the build quality probably sucks. Me thinks this is about the best I can do.

I guess I’ll head down there sometime and see if its what I want.