This is my first post from my new domain, and thus also a self-hosted WordPress page.

So long story short, I was talking with a friend about the benefits of having my own domain and
I ended up getting both and along with hosting (for just from For anyone interested, I spent a total of $56.90 for 2 years hosting and 1 year for both domain registrations; $17.90 for the domains, $39 for the hosting.

Thus far the .net address is just for Google Apps (that’s a story for another day). I have been knocking up a new site for, which is currently live – though not really complete.

So far I’m quite impressed with VentraIP (VIP) and the price is ridiculously low. It includes 100GB of transfer per month (which is incredible for $39)and 5GB of storage. I get a full cPanel setup with all the mod cons and also installatron; which allows easy installation of popular software packages.

Anyways, if there is an issue I come across, I’ll be sure to rant about it here 😛



oh FYI, this is now the only blog ill bother updating so.. is now an archive I guess


PS. Eddie Meh…. that is all