Gallery3 (possibly Gallery2) 500 Internal Server Error


Yet another unlikely problem (nothing unusual there), but after installing Gallery3 via my host’s (VentraIP) Cpanel installer (Installatron), I got a 500 Internal Server error message.
After much Googling I didn’t find anything quite like my problem, yet I did notice a pattern: they all had to do with the php.ini or .htaccess files.
So the natural progression from there was to rename both the php.ini and .htaccess files to ensure that wasn’t the issue. Unfortunately I still got the 500 error.

Frustrated and without and further ideas, I discovered that I also had a php.ini and .htaccess file in the root directory (in which my Gallery folder resides). I renamed both and magically IT WORKED! So next I named the .htaccess back; still works.

And so then I knew the culprit was php.ini.
I went through all the entries commenting them out 1 by 1 and testing them until I came to the problem.
At the end of my ini file there was a zend_extension enabled that didn’t exist (probably a failed experiment from a long time ago).

Amazing that something so simple can bring down an entire web app.
Anyways, that’s fixed it; now I can add all my images (mostly wallpapers I’ve collected over the last few years, some of my own as well.




A look at Moodle


So one of the tasks I’ve been given to do in my new job is to check out Moodle and find a way to give users the ability to get notifications when something changes in their classes weekly board.
I did some research and came across ‘notify-changes‘ on SourceForge.

It was pretty simple to install, just unzip it, drop it into the ‘blocks’ folder inside moodle and thats the basics of it.

Then you have to install it through moodle in Site Administration – Notifications.

So far it does seem to work, though I have noticed that the ability for users to enable/disable notifications disappears for no reason, or rather, doesn’t appear initially. It seems to be fixed by enabling in the blocks Administration and disabling it again, then re-enabling it.


CSS3 Validation


After all the modifications I’ve been making to my website, I figured I had better make sure that it’s all still W3C valid. XHTML, yes, CSS, no.

Apparently the CSS element which I used to round the borders on tables, border-radius, isn’t included in the CSS2 specification. So apparently CSS3 is the way to go.

Unfortunately the link on the banner they give you only refers to the CSS2 specification. I can’t remember the specific website I found this link on, but a quick Google will found it:

So basically all you need is to add ?profile=css3 to the end of the normal URL they give you.



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