A look at Moodle


So one of the tasks I’ve been given to do in my new job is to check out Moodle and find a way to give users the ability to get notifications when something changes in their classes weekly board.
I did some research and came across ‘notify-changes‘ on SourceForge.

It was pretty simple to install, just unzip it, drop it into the ‘blocks’ folder inside moodle and thats the basics of it.

Then you have to install it through moodle in Site Administration – Notifications.

So far it does seem to work, though I have noticed that the ability for users to enable/disable notifications disappears for no reason, or rather, doesn’t appear initially. It seems to be fixed by enabling in the blocks Administration and disabling it again, then re-enabling it.


CSS3 Validation


After all the modifications I’ve been making to my website, I figured I had better make sure that it’s all still W3C valid. XHTML, yes, CSS, no.

Apparently the CSS element which I used to round the borders on tables, border-radius, isn’t included in the CSS2 specification. So apparently CSS3 is the way to go.

Unfortunately the link on the banner they give you only refers to the CSS2 specification. I can’t remember the specific website I found this link on, but a quick Google will found it:

So basically all you need is to add ?profile=css3 to the end of the normal URL they give you.



Send files via PHP


So for no reason other than ‘I can’ I decided to chuck a few ‘Trance in Motion‘ sets onto my server. Soon after I realised how dangerous that could be for my bandwidth so I set off to look for a hot-link protection solution.

I searched the web for hours and I just couldn’t find the right keywords to get it (honestly I tried everything).

After much failed attempts, I finally found a useful PHP script that allowed me to send files not normally accessible by the public and also doesnt require much to set up.

Zubrag’s Download Script.

The only thing I really needed to change was the directory where the files are stored and also I had to add the MIME information for .rar files (incidently its application/x-rar if you were interested) because for some reason he limited the file types to a select few. Now I think about it, that’s actually a good idea since there could be, for example; a .htaccess file.

I should also note that despite there being multiple ways of getting apache to process PHP inside HTML, I never got it to work properly. So I ended up changing all of my site over to .php files.

I thought the W3 validation might fail after I did that, but it seems to be perfectly fine with it.

Anyway, now all my downloads are processed by

Now unfortunately this doesnt stop direct downloads, but it’s a step in the right direction. I think.

Actually, it also has the ability to restrict downloads to a specific address. So you can have it only allow downloads from for example. Cool stuff.




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